Know your Client

Want to increase your sales and conversion overnight?
Learn to understand you client and you will.

In this three hour one on one workshop you will learn via our tried and tested methods to identify who your customers are and what they desire. How to reach them, how to best engage with them and when and where.Giving you an actionable plan to takeaway.

  • Do you know really who it is you are selling to?
  • What problem do you solve for them?
  • Where do you start to find out?

With this workshop we take you through a number of methods and practical breakout sessions where you will be able to profile your customers. When we say customers we mean ALL your customers and these include the likes of your suppliers.

Only when you know these answers and more can you start to create your content, sales and marketing messages and website.

Session 1 - Deep Dive - The PEED Method

In this session you will be guided through this highly effective method that will help you to identify your customers pain points so you can understand what you can solve. Look at what you can teach them. Explore what ways you can best engage with them and identify what it is they really desire. This stage is vital as it fuels so many of your go-to-market elements.

Always one of our most popular sessions!

Session 2 - Buyer Personas

Now you have identified your key customers and their pain points we can start to dive deeper into who they are.

  • Where is their attention?
  • What else are they interested in?
  • What time do they show up there?

Being effective in who you are targeting will not only make your marketing give you better results, it will also impact your bottom line. We will dive into the world of your customers and kick start your focus on who, where and when.

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