Growth Marketing Fundamentals

You have an incredible product/service but no one outside your friends or family knows you have it. Now you need to prove you have interested customers.
How do you get it out there? How do you get it out there fast and within the most cost effective way? It’s called growth hacking. In this three hour workshop we will show you what you need to have set up, how to do it and explain why. You will be able to execute on this to kickstart your marketing.

Session 1 - Launch Strategy

Here we get your all set up. How to set up your funnels and what they should be. We will look at social media and content automation tools. Your time is limited so you need to work as effectively as possible. We will advise on what to use and how to set-up.

Session 2 - Teaser Website

A funnel needs somewhere to land. Ok you may not be fully ready to launch yet, but if someone tells you about their business where do you first look?

It is for their website, not their Facebook or Instagram. It verifies you have a credible business.

You need somewhere you can gain initial interest from all stakeholders. To capture a database of those interested in hearing more.Gathering data that is your own, not a social media giants;they are your part of your funnel not your business.

So here we will help you plan out how your sitemap will look, from the template colours that links back with your brand strategy to the buyer personas who will land on each page. We create the layout and the wireframes so you can start building.

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