“The keys to great success cannot be found in what you already know, but in the unknown, locked away from your reach because of who you are, because of how you think. 

They are accessible only through creativity, innovation, great experience, and most importantly a different perspective. 

We know this is true because if it wasn’t you would already have the answers, wouldn’t you?

Matt Black – CEO Keystage Ventures

Lecture to PHD’s Imperial College London 2019 

What we do

We build solid, profitable, businesses.

Having worked with thousands of businesses at all stages, Invested in hundreds of Ideas ourselves, and supported thousands more to gain investment.  We recognise that one of the biggest factors that increases venture capital risk, and reduces performance & returns, is the lack of experienced, results-driven expertise, for most growth-stage companies.

This is why we believe in investing our greatest assets first and foremost – our extensive experience, creativity, innovation  & knowledge.  Cash, profits, and growth always follow great decisions, solid businesses, and great teams.

Our Senior Partners have highly experienced multi-industry expertise,  We are serial entrepreneurs, Investors, and growth strategists with a focus on building strong companies, fast scaling, and highly profitable businesses.  


The help you need, when you need it.

For Management teams, we break the “catch-22” by helping you get the world-class advice you need, when you need it… which is unfortunately usually before you can afford it.

For investors, we provide world-class advisory so you get the best advice, reduce risk to your capital, and increase returns on all your investments.


Experts to help you grow your...

Slow or stalled growth? We help to uncover and fix your problems and get you back on track.   Or even better be proactive, we would love to work with you to uncover new profit centres, inspire innovation and discover new ways to drive greater commercial success. Our clients grow well above the national average (2x-20x in months not years).


Having worked with thousands of businesses....

Keystage Ventures are growth catalysts, whether your an Investor looking for better returns, or an aspiring CEO wanting to build an empire, we have the experience to help you get results. 

Our team has a great track record for profitability, in 2020, companies in our portfolio grew 2x-20x. In year in which many businesses failed our thrived.  


We are not a bunch of accountants or cowboy marketers parading as business advisors and coaches.

Each partner has built, grown, sold and even lost a business or two. Just have a look at our team to see how much industry experience is at your disposal.

Fundraising Consultancy

Active fundraising help
£ £995 Monthly + success fee
  • Done-with-you service means your always in control
  • Investment readiness program lead by experienced professionals
  • Advanced business model review with expert gap & opportunity analysis
  • Pitchdeck & Financials review & expert advice to make them shine
  • Investor Data room preparation
  • We host pitching meetings and support you with Investor negotiations

Growth Advisory Board member

World-Class advice for your senior management team
£ 495 Monthly
  • World class Advisor for companies Zero-£1M turnover
  • We have a track record of success in building profitable companies
  • We want an option to invest into your company after the next raise (up to £250K

Growth Advisory Chairman

World-Class advice for your SMt & optional Advisory board management
£ 1495 Monthly
  • World class Chairman for your Company Advisory Board (Proactive Management)
  • this level of managed support means higher potential profits, lower risk = more atractive to Investors & shareholders
  • We will agree up to £1m follow on funding to fuel further growth structured as an option

Growth Catalyst (internal team)

World-Class advice for your SMt & optional Advisory board management
£ 2495 Monthly + shares
  • Senior Entrepreneur will join your team, taking on risks with you, solving problems and guiding your CEO/SMT to build a strong company
  • Access the support you need, when you need it. Over £270K in support over three years, bundled as shares and a low monthly fee.
  • We will agree up to £2m follow on funding to fuel further growth structured as an option, or a sreies of options we agree together that best fit your needs.
  • Not only does a senior team join the company as shareholder, but we will look to add additional Advisory, and "investor Associates" to your company - at not cost to you - and be part of the team.

Due to COVID, and our exemplary track record of success with our client portfolio, we are currently in high demand.
Please click to apply and see if you qualify to become a growth client with us.
All applications reviewed and we try to meet (usually via zoom) with all applicants, but this may not be possible in all instances.

We are investors like you. We also happen to be successful serial Entrepreneurs as well and know all the tricks that both sides use to get the best deals.

We are at your disposal to make better investment decisions, streamline your deal flow, or help you add extraordinary value to your existing Investments.

Lead creation and deal Vetting services

save time, save money
from £ 995 Monthly
  • This amazing service can make you hundreds of thousands more and reduce risks by freeing up your time to add more value to your Investments
  • Investors waste up to 90% of their time in discovery & assessment of potential deals. We cut that to under 20%, and drive better outcomes
  • Get some of the best Investment oppertunties available in the market delivered to your desk, pre-vetted, and initial DD completed
  • Optional - Brand building can increase the quality and frequency for you to get the best deals, higher ROI and reduced risk on your investments (ask us how for more info on this exclusive service).

Advanced Investment Training & Consult

Tricks of the trade
£ £3995 121 sessions plus VIP event
  • 121 sessions with Investment experts to learn how we turned £150K cash investment into over £3m in shares in 18 months.
  • Learn advanced Investment deal structuring for better ROI (warrents/options, sweat equity conversion, early exit planning strategies, co-investing to reduce risk and more)
  • Gain deeper insights into Founder metality, and advance tactics to close better deals
  • Learn how our expert team reviews our applicants (Pitchdeck & Financials) to uncover better investment opportunities & save more of your valuable time
  • Be our guest at a private pitching meeting. You can even co-invest with our team on a deal if you choose to.

Advanced Due Diligence service

Reduce risks, uncover hidden issues
from £ 295
  • Reduce Risks by having our team research your potential Investment prospect
  • Our senior team asks the tough questions to flush out any issues before you invest
  • As part of our service we create a detailed report that can help a business correct any problems, potentially increasing your chances of a successful, and lucrative ROI