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The Little Black Book of Entrepreneurship.

Practical tips, tools and strategies to go from idea to startup by a top entrepreneur who has built 12 multi-million valuation companies.

This book is chock full of essential insights you MUST know if you are to have a chance of succeeding in your own business.

You Will Learn:

The single biggest advantage any business can have.

How to sell quicker, easier and with less competition.

How to make a pitch that gets the deals.

How to capture your next big idea

The surefire way to beat procrastination once and for all.

How to capture your next big idea

Easy ways to make powerful connections.

How to find out if your business idea will work in the real world.

Why you need to Understand your GFP

(The scientific measure of your entrepreneurial traits)

The Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs, business book by Matthew Black. Keystage Ventures

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Who is Matt Black?

At seventeen Matt was broke and working three jobs, but with a small loan he started a business that within 2 years grew to 400 employees and sold the business, making him a millionaire at 19.

Matt went on to start & co-found a number of other businesses with mixed success until, at 25, he founded a telecoms company that became the biggest in Australasia valued at almost half a billion in today’s value, just before his 30th Birthday…

Today, Matt has built 12 multimillion valuation companies and advised thousands of
entrepreneurs to build their dream business.

Maverick thinker, public speaker, successful Author and serial Entrepreneur. Matt Black is a passionate activist for global change, inspiring founders to start a business, and then helping them, against the odds, to make it a success.