Investors Evening

Keystage Ventures invites you to meet our Founders.


Ticketpass is an ethical ticketing platform. It denies the BOT’s using blockchain technology, as well as donating 50% of all booking fees back to social projects. This super app platform is the event host, the live streamer and the ticket concierge. Impact investing one ticket at a time.


Tagsley is a fast growing B2B / B2C Sociotech business set to bring together millions of entrepreneurs and remote workers into vast community networks in office spaces globally. The company has commitments with prominent London co-working spaces.


Rocketribe is the  community focused LinkedIn of the future for those who are outside of the corporate sector, powered by short-form video. Inspiring new opportunities for meaningful connections, Rocketribe ignites the connections that will fuel the future of business.

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Combining viral inspiration of the latest trends with geo-location, instant booking, bringing the successful business model of fashion to the beauty space.

AppySalons is a disruptive PaaS booking platform that is transforming the beauty industry. 

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I Am Yoga Live

I Am Yoga Live is a community driven platform bringing yoga, meditation, fitness, nutrition and personal development to our members, through live stream classes. We are dedicated to bringing the transformative power of wellness to people all around the world. 

Ehical Brand Directory

Ethical Brand Directory is the UK’s 1st all in one ethical community, training academy and e-commerce platform. With a mission to take conscious consumerism from a niche to a norm, EBD is revenue generating and ready to scale.