This Is just the beginning...

When I was a young boy I went camping deep in wild outback of north Western Australia for the first time. 

I woke up in the dead of night and, unable to sleep, I stepped from my tent and was stuck dumb my the breathtaking grandeur of the Southern Night Sky.

I felt so small, but so elated, like infinity was calling.  That feeling has never left me, I feel it again and again whenever I start a new company (10 now), but also when I help someone else start the same journey. Awed but excited at whats possible. 

Matt Black, Founder.

I never knew what a win/win relationship was until I meet this team...

When I founded Keystage I only had one mission in mind. To find the best startup ideas I could, lead by passionate founders, create a plan, a winnign strategy, and help them go ALL the way. That is why our company motto, our tagline is Discover, Design, Deliver, Repeat.