“The keys to great success cannot be found in what you already know, but in the unknown, locked away from your reach because of who you are, because of how you think. 

They are accessible only through creativity, innovation, great experience, and most importantly a different perspective. 

We know this is true because if it wasn’t you would already have the answers, wouldn’t you?

Matt Black – CEO Keystage Ventures 

We have accomplished our mission

Keystage Ventures was started in 2020 in response to the Covid Pandemic. We foresaw major challenges facing a number of UK start-ups as the pandemic caused fear amongst Investors, depriving start-ups of essential capital to drive growth.

The Founder Matt Black and a small team of high level professionals from his network formulated a response.  Having worked with thousands of businesses at all stages, Invested in hundreds of Ideas ourselves, and supported thousands more to gain investment.  We recognise that one of the biggest factors that increases venture capital risk, and reduces performance & returns, is the lack of experienced, results-driven expertise, for most growth-stage companies.  There was little funding available to start-ups in the economy, so to help our founders gain access to these scarce resources we injecting our recourses, expertise and time to help them reduce risk, and attract the investment they needed.  And we believe we succeeded.  While not all of our investment cohort was successful, but we had DOUBLE the success rate for that challenging period over any comparable business. 

With the pandemic essentially over, our Senior Partners have turned their attentions to other projects, the company is in the process of closing.   This was much more a labour of love than a commercial venture, and from the CEO of Keystage, thankyou to all those involved.  We didn’t just save businesses, we saved dreams, we save engines of change that continue, every day, to positively impact the economy and create value in the lives to thousands, and over time millions of lives around the world.   

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